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Chemical Dosing Pumps

Chemical Dosing Pumps – Tekna Evo Series replacing the Tekna Range

Chemical Dosing pumps for water treatment are used to transfer various chemicals from one tank/drum into another. The pump is switched on by the pH controller, mv controller or by various other means.

The innovative Tekna Evo series of dosing pumps, provide uniform dosing over a wide range with almost all chemicals used in water treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling towers, galvanic plants.

Tekna Evo Series provides:

  • Wide flow scope
    Flows from 1 to 60 l/h are covered, whereby all dosing pumps have the same external dimensions, and with that an easy substitution is possible with just 4 models.
  • High chemical compatibility
    By the employment of PVDF for the dosing pump head and ceramic for the balls and valves as standard, TeknaEVO pumps are suitable for most chemicals.
  • Durable diaphragm technology
    Full Teflon diaphragms were developed, which were optimized with special arts of manufacturing and Design on a lifetime of more than 5 years.

All chemical dosing pumps are tested using modern technologies; their reliability is assured through use of high quality materials, intensive laboratory tests and life stress tests. Every dosing pump is operated for 6 hours at maximum speed before the final test. Test Certificate with pressure/flow rate diagram made under customer specifications available as an option.

Chemcial dosing pumps have controllable dishcarge rates use to inject fluids such as additives into pumping or mixing systems in low volumes. Chemical dosing pumps generally are generally built from plastic but can also be made up of stainless steel and thermoplastic.

Chemical dosing pumps are available as single or double diaphragm models and used to transfer dangerous chemicals such as acids, adhesives, concrete, coolants and high heat media.

On a larger scale chemical dosing pumps are also used to transfer fuel, oil, portable water, salt water and waste water such as sewage and sludge.

Tekna Manual Chemical Dosing Pump


Tekna Manual Chemical Dosing Pump


AKL Chemical Dosing Pump

  • Adjustable flow rate by a knob on the front panel
  • Power-ON and level alarm Leds
  • Standard power supply: 100-240 Vac @ 50/60 Hz

Analogue dosing pump with constant flow rate manually adjustable by control dial on the front panel, two frequency range (0÷20% or 0÷100%), Power-ON led indicator

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ATL Chemical Dosing Pump

Analogue dosing pump with constant flow rate manually adjustable, proportional flow rate according to an external analogue (4÷20 mA) or digital pulse signal (e.g. from water meter).

  • Control dial (percentage and “n” value in multiplication mode)
  • 6 position adjustable switch:
  • 3 in division mode (1, 4, 10 = n)
  • 1 in multiplication mode (n=1)
  • 1 for proportional 4÷20 mA signal – 1 for constant functionality
  • “Pacing” function adjustable by dip switch
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APG Chemical Dosing Pump

Analogue dosing pump with constant flow rate manually adjustable and timed dosage with T on-T off
double regulation.

  • 3 control dials (flow rate percentage – T on regulation – T off regulation)
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Tekna Digital Chemical Dosing Pump




TPG Digital Chemical Dosing Pump

  • Multifunction dosing pump with proportional dosing (1:n, n:1, 0/4 – 20 mA)
  • Time dosing, batch dosing. Timer function, ppm dosing, statistics.
  • Password, On-Off Input (remote control).
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TPR Digital Chemical Dosing Pump

  • Constant or proportional dosing
  • Temperature input PT100. Alarm output relay.
  • On-Off input for remote control.
  • 4-20mA analog output for recorder
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TCK Digital Chemical Dosing Pump

  • Constant digital dosing pump with manual adjustment or timed.
  • Timed relay (dry contact)
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