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pH Controllers for Industrial Use

pH and mV Controllers for Industrial Use


The Ansell pH / mV controller is compact in design and is compatible with Ansell pH and mV electrodes, it has proved both reliable and user friendly. It is compatible with other manufacturers sensors.


Key features of the unit are as follows:


Passcode protected data

IP65 front protected

Two independent set points

On/Off or proportional pulse dosing

Analogue output 0-20mA or 0-10V (fully programmable)

Manual or automatic temperature compensation

Available as either panel or wall mounting.


pH Meter

A pH meter is an electronic instrument used for testing liquid for levels of pH (acidity or alkalinity). pH meters are generally an electronic meter connected to a pH probe, these pH probes are used to measure pH levels in liquid or semi-solid surfaces.


pH Electrode

The pH electrode when immersed in a solution produces a very small electrical voltage that is then displayed in pH units on a pH meter.


pH Meter Calibration

Before any accurate measurement can be carried out, the pH meter needs to be calibrated against standard "buffer" solutions to ensure optimal accuracy. when using a pH meter regularly, it is perferable to calibrate the meter each day.


It is recommended to calibrate the pH meter using "buffer" solutinos at either end of the range.