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K100 Series

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Product Information



K100 are advanced controllers designed for high-end applications. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be programmed by the end user via software providing the user has a great autonomy in programming. Kontrol 100 instruments assist the installer in managing and replacing the measuring electrodes, using the “electrode quality” function.

K100 is suitable for the following applications: drinking water – irrigation systems – cooling towers – swimming pools – flocculent dosing systems – waste water – pure water – reverse osmosis

To facilitate further legibility during programming and data reading, K100’s reverse display function allows the user to reverse the writing on the screen to obtain a high contrast. The multi-colour backlit function, with four different colors, makes it easy to interpret what function the controller is in even in poor light conditions.

K100 features a Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol that allows remote control interface using a RS485 port, making using the system for larger multi-site complexes easier and more efficient.

Technical Characteristics

Graphic display and Keypad
128 by 128 pixel resolution monochrome display with graphic icons to show digital output status, washing cycle, alarms with red backlight.

Simultaneous flashing values for the measurement (numeric + paragraph) and temperature readings.
Five control keys for instrument calibration and configuration.

Current outputs with Galvanic isolation
4÷20mA output
Two independent programmable Output Measures with Proportional routine regulation.

Relay Outputs

Two independent relays, two set points, alarm remote and back washing probe setting by software. On/OFF, Timed and Proportional (PWM) routine function setting.

Enclosure Box and Power Supply

Wall mounting ABS plastic material IP65 full box (144x144x122) Panel mounting ABS IP65 front panel only (96x96x42) Universal Power Supply 100÷240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Low Power Supply 12÷32 Vdc or 24 Vac

Solid State Relay (SSR)

Two Frequency output signal, two set points.

Snail Lock fixing system

Quick connection for panel mounting version.

Communication Features

Serial Output RS485 MODBUS RTU/ASCII (upon request)