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AV250 Pump
Hydroair Argonaut Swimming Pool Pumps



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Hydroair Argonaut Swimming Pool Pumps


AV250 Pump

Hydroair Argonaut Swimming Pool Pump - Three Phase

The Hydroair Argonaut Is designed to incorporate many technical features to ensure high levels of performance, with durability and reliability. Ideal for small to medium sized swimming pools.


Look at these key features:

AV250 Pump Hydroair Argonaut Pump


  • Polypropylene tank for high chemical resistance
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 grade pump shaft
  • Self priming up to 3 metres
  • Clear lid to the pre-filter with a large basket
  • Totally enclosed IPX5 motor
  • Easy to use, quiet and very reliable
  • Option of non metallic seals if required.
  • Range available in single phase


Earlier models of the Argonaut pump have black pump bodies, usually with a vertical strip moulded into the side of the 'wet end', carrying a silver label with the model reference and motor ratings. These models often used a 'J' rating in place of the later 'AV', for example a J250 pump has been replaced by the AV250 Pump, with a similar performance.


The swimming pool pump connections on the black 'wet ends' used were 1 1/2"BSP female threads, followed on the later blue Argonauts by 2 1/2" male threads that take a screw-on union that accepts 2" pipe glued inside. We provide new unions with each pump.


AV250 Pump
Argonaut Swimming Pool Pump


Article No.

Power (P1)

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32 m3/h

18 m