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CON500 Benchtop Laboratory pH Meter



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CON500 Benchtop Laboratory pH Meter

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CON500 Benchtop Meter

pH / mV / TEMP Meter


Compact laboratory pH meter design, precision, easy operation,100*74mm large LCD, great 120 degree angle view. PH500 benchtop laboratory pH meter is the ideal model you can count on everyday.



Compact laboratory pH meter design, precision, easy operation.

100*74mm large LCD, great 120 degree angle view.

Up to 5 points auto-buffer-recognition calibration.

Viewing of electrode efficiency: electrode slope and offset value to verify electrode performance.

HOLD function for easy viewing and recording.

STABLE indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes.

Temperature offset adjusting function available.

Antimony electrode selectable for HF (hydrofluoric acid) application.

UPS, with built-in rechargable lithium battery (1300mAh).

Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting.





-2.00 ~ +16.00 pH; -2000 ~ +2000 mV

-5.0 ~ +120.0 °C / 23.0 - 248.0 °F


0.01 pH

0.1 mV (-600.0 ~ +600.0) / 1 mV

0.1 °C / 0.1 °F


± 0.01 pH

± 0.2 mV / ± 1 mV

± 0.3 °C / ± 0.5 °F

Temperature Compensation Range

-5.0 ~ +120.0 °C; Automatic ( ± 10 °C

offset adjustment) / Manual

Calibration Point

Up to 5 (auto recognized)


Glass / Antimony


100 sets

Auto power off

10 minutes without key be pressed


AC 100 - 240V universal power adapter


Yes,with built-in rechargable lithium battery (1300mAh).

Electrode Stand

300mm / Ø 6mm

Electrode Holder

145mm - 220mm


150*194*56mm (W*L*H)

Electrode Holder

1.0 Kg