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PH600 Benchtop Laboratory pH Meter



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PH600 Benchtop Laboratory pH Meter

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PH600 Benchtop pH Meter

pH / mV / Ion / TEMP Meter


Compact laboratory pH meter, up to 0.001 pH and trivalent Ion concentration resolution, this meter simultaneous measures pH/Ion. With UPS, CLEAN PH600 laboratory pH meter satisfies your easy and precision pH/mV/Ion measurement needs.



Up to 0.001 pH and trivalent Ion concentration resolution.

500 points data logging capabilities.

Recall Electrode Slope, Electrode Offset Value and Previous Calibration Values for easy reference.

Up to 5 points auto-buffer-recognition calibration.

GLP measurement display for real-time date/time stamping.

HOLD function momentarily freezes reading for easy viewing and recording.

STABLE indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes.

UPS, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery (1300mAh).

Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting.

PC compatible via USB.




pH Meter Range

-2.00 to 20.00 pH,

-2.000 to 20.000 pH

pH Resolution

0.01 pH /0.001 pH

pH Accuracy

± 0.01 pH + 1 LSD,
± 0.002 pH + 1 LSD

mV Range

± 2000.0mV

mV Resolution

0.1 mV

mV Accuracy

± 0.2 mV + 1 LSD

Ion Range

0.001 to 20000

Ion Units

ppm, mg/L

Ion Resolution

2 or 3 digits

Ion Accuracy

0.5% FS (monovalent),
1% FS (divalent), 2% (trivalent)

Temperature Range

-5.0 - 120.0 °C / 23.0 - 248.0 °F

Temperature Resolution

0.1 °C / 0.1 °F

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.3 °C / ± 0.5 °F

No. of Calibration points

up to 5 points

Input Impedance

> 1012 Ω

No. of Buffer Options


Calibration due alarm

User configurable (up to 30 days)

Set point alarm

User configurable

Auto buffer recognition


pH buffer Groups & Calibration Points

USA : 1.68, 4.01, 7.00, 10.01, 12.45
NIST: 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, 12.45


Dot-matrix LCD with backlit


500 sets





Auto power off

Auto power-off after 10 mins non-use


AC 100 - 240V universal power adapter


Yes, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery (1300mAh).

Electrode Stand

300mm / Ø 6mm

Electrode Holder

145mm - 220mm


150*194*56mm (W*L*H)


1.0 Kg