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S400 pH/Redox Sensor 3/4″ Threads & Guard


  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Built-in solution ground
  • Custom cable lengths
  • Choice of cable connectors



In-Line & Submersion


Maximum Flow Rate

3 metres (10 ft) per second


Chemical-resistant Wetted Materials

These high quality sensors are constructed of corrosion-resistant wetted materials including Ryton®, Teflon® and glass.


Coaxial Porous Teflon® Reference Junction

The large annular junction resists fouling. Also, the sealed, double-junction reference electrode is highly resistant to poisoning.



pH Range: 0-14 pH

ORP Range: ± 5000 mV

Temp Range: 0 -105º C

Max Pressure/Temp: 150 psig at 100º C

Reference: Ag-AgCl

Wetted Materials: Ryton, Teflon & Glass

Standard cable length: 3 metres (10 Ft)