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Mortek carry out a pH meter calibration service for pH/mV control equipment as part of an ongoing maintenance package or as a service visit when required.



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Mortek offer an extensive range of pH and mV meter production including peristaltic pumps, pH controllers, chemical dosing pumps and argonaut pumps used.

Our products are used for all testing applications including; clean water testing, Analysis Sewage Treatment, Industrial Process, Wastewater, Surface Water and Pure Water testing.

Mortek Product Range


Argonaut Pumps are designed to incorporate many technical features to ensure high levels of performance, with durability and reliability. Ideal for small to medium sized swimming pools.


Chemical dosing pumps for water treatment are used to transfer various chemicals from one tank/drum into another. The pump is switched on by the pH controller, mv controller or by various other means.

Peristaltic pumps are used for pumping various liquids through flexible tubes.  This roller pump uses a system known as peristalsis where fluid is pumped through the tube compressed by a rotor or roller.