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pH meters and portable pH meters are devices used for measuring the pH value of liquids.

When measuring, the pH meter compares the potential difference between the reference electrode and the pH glass electrode.

The first pH Meter ever built was the Model G in 1936 by Arnold Beckman. Today pH meters are used extensively by chemists and laboratories with field pH meters used in field and industrial environments. pH meters are the most common measuring devices for these industries.

A pH meter is connected to a pH electrode where the measurement is calculated to produce the actual pH value.

Types of pH Meter

Water pH Meter

Used in water purification systems, aquariums, pools, hydroponics and other applications

Field pH Meter

Handheld field pH meters are calibrated for use on-side and in the field although can also be used in laboratories. Field pH meters are generally weather proof due to their exposure to the elements.

Soil pH Meter

Ideally used for the gardening sectors and hydroponics where it is important to monitor pH levels in soil. The Soil pH Meter generally uses a longer pH probe for testing the soil in larger plant pots.

Food pH Meter

These type of pH Meter are designed to perform tests on food without damaging the product, various models exist for different foods such as meat, dairy products, general food produce and beverages.

Industrial pH Meter

Used in industrial applications such as metal finishing, painting, dying, effluent treatment and many more.